Nothing Special at All

by Jaems Murphy's Vedic Eden

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Born in the dusk of summer while Aries laid war to the 5th house, "Nothing Special at All" crawled out from underneath the bed of childhood. With a voice like an aged mist it spoke to the depressed sectors of recollection. The smoking words calling forth the past of twenty years and the grungy spawn of Earth (birthplace to fruits of magic and poisonous pollen. Pesticides.)

Enumerating on the mystic battle of ancient suns and waving a handful of track marks, its train of thought was transporting ghosts who've died in delusion, to a realm of mythic treatises. In this atrium of sound Nothing Special at All stood at the bioluminescent altar and put forth a proposition,

"O! The Crow, keeper of mystery, has cauled upon ye! What magick lay within your core shall be dormant no more. It shall become your vehicle; your wingspan to an awakened state amongst the highest order. It will be the love you have searched for and calm the longing of your heart."


released January 20, 2012

written, recorded, and produced by Jaems Murphy
copyright 2011 Eve'sDrop Records



all rights reserved


Eve's Drop Records Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eve'sDrop Records is vessel for the music of Jaems Murphy, including solo works and collaborations. Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Jaems Murphy is a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer, with an emphasis on guitar performance.

After years of drudging through the dregs of being and University and Technical systems, his training and life are now manifest in the poetry of sound.
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Track Name: Nothing Special at All
I should have died, O! The day that I was born.
I didn't mean to be here for so long.
I bitterly had packed my bags and now
I'm waiting for the train to take me back
From where I came.

You could have lied, O! It wouldn't even matter.
I am far too dense to hear the truth, the proof
refuting my dirigible, my disillusion delirious h---.

All past aside I am still quite a bastard.
Live my life without regard for anyone.
I'm inconsiderate, I'm crass and I don't give a shit,
I'm just a narcissistic prick.

I should have died, O! The day that I was born.
I didn't mean to be here for so long.
Track Name: O! H-
She's Wonderful, but you'll never know
Your head hung down, tucked like a frown
Eyes fixed sorely to the ground.

You'll rant and rage, from your little cage
How you were done wrong your whole life long,
Treated unfairly by everyone.

But you can't deny it, cause I saw you crying
Your nose running wild the night you confided
Your crime murdering child and still I stood by you

Cause I have seen your light.
Yes I have seen your light shine
And no matter hard you might try to hide it
Away I know how bright it can be.

You're over-board and not so self-assured
Your alibi is thin running dry
The ink with which you penned your L---.

So there you go, down that darkened road
To some remote location where no one
Will see you burying your heavy load.
Track Name: I Would For You
I would fight the Lightning for you,
I would fight the Thunder too,
I will fight the gale force winds
And be left standing in the end for you.

I will fight the roaring Rivers,
Take on the raging Ocean tides,
I will fight the hurricane back
To the eye from whence it came for you.

I would do, for you, I would do, for you,
I would do for you, I would lay down my sword.

I will subjugate the forests,
Bring a mountain to its knee,
I will set foot on the sun
And bring its heart back in my palm for you.

I will fight the dark of night,
Take on the denizens of fright,
I will fight the Dragon Lord
At the center of Earth's core for you.

I would do, for you, I would do, for you,
I would do for you, I would lay down my sword.

I will live without a nation,
Leave religion to the earth,
I will live my life alone
With a heart made out of stone for you.

I would do, for you, I would do, for you,
I would do for you, I would lay down my sword.
Track Name: A Way A Way A
Aggregate; sad and angry kid
Wished upon a star.
He would rise, somewhere by the sea,
With a ship that set to sail.

A way A way A way

Children know, of soft-lit spoken spells
That turn to dust and blow
Your memories, well kept diaries,
Down the stream they float.

A way A way A way

As we are, circling this star,
Life is but a dream.
So 'till my time finally arrives
I will spread my wings and fly.

A way A way A way
Track Name: Of A Tiger
Cuddling the sun, like it was your love,
Like it was your best friend, you are
Laying on your back, belly to the breeze,
Living a day dream, you are

There is someone else drinking from the water
Further up stream, there is
Following the scent back into the brush
Back into the darkness, you are

You have the wild eyes of a Tiger
Track Name: Forever With Her
Me and her were supposed to be together forever.
Me and her were supposed to be together forever.
But then I went away to be king for a day
Donning my crown of paper-mache
Justly I rule, all that I survey,
And everything is gonna be great.
Hey Hey Laou Laou Laou

Me and her we'd sit around the table talking,
Cracking jokes and magic tricks.
That's how we got our kicks.
Me and her we'd lay around and making funny faces
Dream of far off places where we could take our trips.

She was the One, such a wonderful One
I was her boy, soft lit spoken and coy,
We'd go around and be painting the town,
O! What a picture we'd make.
Hey Hey Laou Laou Laou

I can travel time with the powers of my mind Laou.
I can go back and forth but I cannot change the course
No matter hard I try Laou.
But I can look back through the eyes of the past.
See how she smiles and hear how she laughs,
But we always come back so fast to the crash,
Ambulance came too late.
Hey hey Laou Laou Laou.
Track Name: Our Hollow Ghost
Saw your ghost wandering the chambers
Rummaging through papers unturned.
In the street I saw your shadow casting
All its everlasting remorse.

O!H- the toll you charge is far too large
Every time I try to move on you just keep
Bringing me down and pop my red balloon.